Why I march

Dear Donald – 

I know you’ve had a busy day, so you might not have had a chance to look out of your window, but a lot of us were busy today too – marching.  The final counts aren’t in yet, but massive crowds showed up across this country and around the world today to stand up for the rights of women, minorities, LGBT folks, and all of those who lost a bit of themselves when you came to power. 

I have a young son. Too young to take him to the Mall to join the hundreds of thousands of marchers there. But it’s important that he knows his mother matters. It’s important that he knows the color of his skin makes him no better or worse than anyone else. It’s important to know that how he prays or who he loves does not change the fact that he has value in this world, and that the best ideals of his country reflect that. 

We couldn’t go to the Mall. But my son will grow up knowing that Black Lives Matter and the God of Abraham is the God of Jews, Christians, and Muslims alike. He will grow up knowing that the government should respect and honor his mother’s medical decisions as much as his own and that a marriage between two men can be just as loving and nurturing as any other marriage. 

No, we couldn’t go to the Mall today, but we refuse to let my son grow up in a world that is smaller and more divided than the one we grew up in. Our son deserves the very best that this world has to offer, and often that will come from someone who looks different from him. He will know that true democracy is about expanding, not limiting the ballot. 

We couldn’t go to the Mall, but we did find a notice about a small group of families meeting in the neighborhood to march down the street for a social justice reading time at the local library. It turns out that, even in that one small neighborhood, over five hundred people want their children to grow up in the same type of world as my son. 

And that is why I march. 

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