Voter fraud

Dear Donald –

Dude. Just stop already. You won. By negative 3 million votes, but you won. Why can’t you just take that and run with it? There’s clearly some major insecurity here, like you have this ongoing, nagging feeling that you’re not legitimate – like you don’t belong. Don’t worry, some other folks feel it too. 

But to keep bringing up this foolishness about millions of illegally cast ballots starts to call into question your own win, further delegitimizing your victory. There is no evidence that voter fraud occurred whatsoever, let alone on the scale you’re suggesting. It would mean that nearly 4% of all ballots cast were fraudulent – where someone knew the name, address, and polling place of a registered voter, went to the polls, voted, and the actual registered voter never showed up, allowing the fraud to go undetected. That’s pretty impressive on the scale you’re talking about. And then there’s the  issue that you’re accusing 4% of all ballots nationally of being fraudulent, but then want us to believe that your 0.1% victories in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Oennsylvania were fully legitimate, which is truly laughable. 

The part that makes this even more frustrating is the very real issues with our elections and voter rolls. We could talk about the mass disenfranchisement of nonviolent felons in this country by a highly racialized criminal justice system. We could talk about the disingenuous voter ID laws put in place by Republican lawmakers to strip voting rights from black and brown and young people. We could talk about gerrymandering that packs poor and minority citizens into overcrowded urban Congressional districts while richer and whiter citizens get organized into smaller districts, strengthening the power of each individual vote.  We could even talk about disinformation efforts to convince college students they can’t vote in their college towns. We could talk about any of this, but, please, let’s stop this foolishness about voter fraud. There are actual, real American citizens who are being disenfranchised. That’s a real issue. Let’s talk about that. 

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