Dear Donald – 

I’ve seen reports that your aides are having trouble getting you to stop watching TV and to actually do work. I guess it’s not surprising then that your most recent tweet about Chicago came just about an hour after Bill O’Reilly did a segment on the violence in the city and posted this graphic:

Just after that segment and after an interview in which Rahm wasn’t particularly deferential to you, you tweeted this:

All of this doesn’t seem unrelated, and gets back to a core problem – you’re way too reactionary for your own good. You lash out with poorly constituted facts and no follow-through and you end up looking silly. With all that being said, I’m sure Chicago would love you to “send in the Feds.”  

Im going to just sidestep all of the Jade Helm type conspiracy stuff here. I’m assuming your aides have already explained to you that you can’t send in federal troops to serve a law enforcement function. Back in 1878, Congress passed the Posse Comitatus Act to prevent federal troops from enforcing civil rights in the South. Even today, it limits what you can do. You can’t institute martial law. But here’s a few things you can do to “send in the Feds” and really help out in Chicago:

  • Provide federal funding to hire more police officers. More cops on the beat with better training in community policing can help bring down the crime rate. 
  • Embed FBI agents in the Chicago PD. Barack did this with a number of police departments needing assistance and the agents provided both staff and expertise to help out on the ground. 
  • Order the ATF to help crack down on guns flowing in from other states. 60% of guns recovered in Chicago from 2010 to 2013 were purchased out of state. 19% came from Indiana. Maybe Mike knows where they came from. 
  • Have DOJ prosecute individuals on Federal gun trafficking and racketeering charges. Increasing prosecutions may help relieve local prosecutors while also removing he worst offenders from neighborhoods
  • Have the Departments of Edication and Labor direct resources to the city. Increasing educational opportunity and job training can help provide a way out of the cycle of poverty for thousands of kids. Someone who is gainfully employed doesn’t have a need for gangs or drugs. 
  • Direct HUD to improve its after school, child care, and community programs in public housing. 
  • Increase the availability of Small Business Administration loans to minority owned businesses in the city and prioritize those that agree to hire individuals under 35 and on some form of public assistance. 
  • Designate more areas on the south side and West side of Chicago as Empowerment Zones, making them eligible for more federal aid. 
  • Direct HHS to fund more Head Start and Early Head Start programs (and other child care and support programs) in the city. 

In short, send in the Feds. Send in all the Feds. I’m sure Rahm would be happy to have them. 

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