The votes that counted

Dear Donald –

I’d like to tell you a story. I know a German citizen who lives in Florida. Back in November, he was in line to vote for President when he was told he couldn’t vote. He was obviously upset, and even more so when he saw several people in front of and behind him in line who didn’t look like they should be voting. My guess is they were probably from somewhere inSouth America, and we’re clearly voting for Hillary. 

Sounds a little weird and racist, right?  Turns out it’s the story you told Congressional Republicans about how you “found out” about the supposed voter fraud during the election.  It’s a truly bizarre and problematic story, and to think that you’ve actually told it, in public, multiple times, to justify your own insecurities about the legitimacy of your election. 

The worst part for democracy is that you’ve sonfully convinced yourself of this foolishness that you’re calling for a commission to look into your accusations. Of course, no self-respecting expert in the field will come within 10 miles of your commission, meaning you’ll stock it with cronies who only have allegiance to you. As such, they’ll probably conclude, with no evidence, that there was rampant voter fraud and then it’ll be used as the basis for purging voter rolls nationwide. 

Let’s be clear, there was no fraud. But the persistent belief that it existed will lead to actions that undermine the voting rights of real citizens. When dealing with voting rights, the presumption should always be to expand, not contract, the franchise, and your petty insecurities and inability to grasp reality may endanger the rights of countless millions nationwide. 

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