Alternative facts and loyalties

Dear Donald – 

This one was a doozy. Not only does Kellyanne break out some brand new, never before seen alternative facts, but she also sends a chilling message that should deeply disturb all American citizens. 

To start this segment, Kellyanne is pushed about your Administration’s actions and talk regarding dissenting federal employees. Now, I’m not going to pretend that you didn’t have the authority to fire Sally. I think it was inappropriate, but I also don’t think Sally made the best possible case for why she wouldn’t defend your abhorrent E.O.  The part that concerns me is that Kellyanne and Sean both seem unable to disentangle disagreement with a failure to perform. I can disagree with your policy, but it doesn’t mean  not going to do my job. The State Department employees who signed the letter of dissent aren’t issuing rogue visas to folks from the 7 Muslim-majority nations included in your ban or smuggling refugees into the country. 

The entire concept of the career federal service is to ensure that the machinations of government aren’t operated solely on the basis of blind faith and fealty to the boss. Career servants are protected because they shouldn’t be subject to the political whims of a single man. They are meant to question and probe. They are meant to slow you down. They are there to make sure things get done right and according to the law, politics be damned. 

If you think a genuine disagreement about our nation’s ideals is the same as a failure to do our job, then the federal service, and all those who depend on it, are in deep trouble, especially when you and your team seem so unconcerned with the missions we support and the fundamental facts of reality. 

Notice the sly and unchallenged reference to the “Bowling Green massacre” in there, and the reference to Obama shutting down the refugee program for 6 months. Most folks would probably be upset that the “mainstream media,” what with its pro-Islam,  pro-Obama agenda, didn’t report on this tragedy. Just one problem – it never happened. Back in 2011, two Iraqis entered the country through the Special Immigrant Visa program, designed to help Iraqis who supported the U.S. get out of Iraq, where it was dangerous for them to remain. These two men were identified as plotting terrorist actions after they arrived and were arrested. No one was killed; no one was hurt. There was no massacre. After that, the Obama administration scaled back the Special  Immigrant Visa program for six months while they ensured it had proper controls and checks in place. At no time was the entire program shut down. At no point was all travel from Iraq banned. The specific program was put under review and individuals were still able to use the program to get into the country, though at a smaller scale. Alternative facts, what are you gonna do?

If we’re now rewriting history to help us justify blatantly xenophobic and Islamophobic policies that effect a large swath of America and are extremely public, how far are you willing to go in private meetings and hearings to pursue, harass, and fire federal employees who disagree with those same policies?

If you’re willing to blatantly lie in public, how will those of us of good conscience behind the scenes fare when your political cronies come knocking?

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