Buying a seat at the table

Dear Donald –

Congratulations. You’ve  proven everyone who said that politicians only care about their donors right. Today, you and your compatriots have officially demonstrated that it is, in fact, possible to buy your way into the line of presidential succession. It is a true travesty for governance.

Up until today, there had been 44 “no” votes on Education Secretary nominees. Total. Ever. Since it was created. Almost 40 years ago. Today, Betsy got 50. That’s a testament to just how inept she is in comparison to all of her predecessors. 

She truly knows nothing about public schooling, governance, or higher education. She does not know what proficiency is or what FAPE is, but she knows how to write a check and that’s apparently all that matters. Here’s how Betsy’s political donations to the Senate have worked out:

On that list, only Lisa had the guts to vote in the best interests of her State and its children. We are now in uncharted waters with a deeply unpopular and ignorant Education Secretary setting national policy that affects millions of children. 

What will happen to protections for the civil rights of students? What will happen to disabled students? What will happen to oversight for for-profit colleges and universities? What about defaults on student loans? What happens to prosecutions when campuses don’t adequately address sexual assault?

No one knows. But we know that the checks will keep on coming. 

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