A rocky start

Dear Donald –

The news reports I’m seeing about how things are going aren’t good. The New York Times is reporting that you’re wandering aimlessly around the residence at night in your bathrobe, obsessively watching cable news, and angrily tweeting. There are reports that you’ve filed complaints about the hand towels on Air Force One because they’re not soft enough. No one knows where the light switches are,so meetings are happening in the dark. 

Apparently folks are also having trouble briefing you on issues. According to reports, you refuse to read anything that’s more than a page long (even though I have yet to see an issue worthy of the President’s time that can be boiled down to only one page without leaving out important information. It’s also been reported that you don’t like reading too much, so you want everything boiled down to bullet points insofar as possible, but no more than 9 per page. That means all of this country’s most important issues are getting summarized in 9 bullets. How in God’s name is anyone supposed to make an informed decision on the basis of 9 bullets? That’s right. You’re, like, a smart person. 

Which is also why it’s disturbing that you called National Security Advisor Mike Flynn at 3 a.m. to ask whether a strong dollar or a weak dollar is good for the economy. To give Mike credit, He told you to call an economist. That’s pretty good advice. Maybe I’ll try a quick explainer in a subsequent letter. 

Needless to say, things don’t seem to be going well from just a basic stability perspective. You need to get it together, man. Welcome to the big show. 

You’ve got to focus for more than thirty seconds on any given issue and you need to understand who the experts really are. Focus on the important stuff. And get some smart people around you. It’ll do you well. 

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